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Politics and Humor

My final paper is focusing on politics and humor. One of the shows I specifically research is “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”. I have found about 12 articles and books on the topic of political satire in the television media and the idea that most of our youth gains thier political knowledge on shows like “The Daily Show”, “Colbert Report” and “Saturday Night Live”. Reasearchers bring up positive aspects and negative aspects of this idea. A negativity is that these shows are fictional and many of the stories are exagerated to be enteraining. People can gain negative and mistrusting ideas about politicans, policies, and the overall democratic process. Youths are the majority of the population who are getting thier information from entertainment political shows (what Jody Baumgartner calls “soft news”), therefore being more impressionable. A positive of this new idea is that the population is taught to question every thing that is told to them by the media. Keeping an open mind about what politicans say and not taking them necessarily as truth value. I am also looking into a controlled research experiment conducted in one of the articles about the impact of “soft news” as opposed to “hard news” (nightime news like CBS). One of the main ideas is that the younger generations perfer to hear thier political news in a humourous and entertaining way, even if that means false information.


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Steps of Education


Here I have taken several images of stairways around the Saint Mary’s campus. My intent was to show the viewer the many paths that education can take you, and the building blocks it can give you to your destination. I noticed while walking around campus taking photos that I had never noticed the amount of stairs and where they lead. Stairs lead to classrooms, community centers, dorms, offices and other such buildings. All of these stairs lead to places vital to student life at Saint Mary’s (housing, education, dining). Not only can these steps be seen in a metaphoric way for education, but a literal stairway through college. At the end of the photo arrangement I placed an image of a row of lights that can symbolize the different opportunities given to us through an education.

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The American Dream

The digital image that I created is supposed to represent the modern day “American Dream”. The image represents a woman who is beautified trapped in the house with a handsome rich looking man standing on top. Women are still objectified and considered material possessions through our culture and perceived as part of a “man’s world”. We can see the woman looking out, but doing nothing to break this concept. This can also be read as the woman is looking at the man, drawing attention to him, while all focus goes to the man. This can be read as the male being seen as the dominant sex, technically owning the house and every thing inside of it.

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“Our World”

I found the LIsa Park’s article on “Our World” very interesting as I have never heard of this program before. I was surprised that I had never heard of this program because through the article I saw the significance and revelation of the media through this show. I was intrigued with the strategies the show uses to entice a wide variety of viewers and what controversies arouse from the “global village”(Parks) idea. One of the strategies that was most apparent to me was when Parks states the show was a combination of “film newsreel, the travelogue, and the television variety show” (80). And the idea that the show had five main segments reminded me of a popular idea today that a person’s attention can only be held if there is constant variation among the content and the ideas are constantly progressing as not to bore the viewer.

I realized a correlation between park’s text and a text that I read for Communication and Social Understanding written by Neil Postman’s titled “Amusing Ourselves to Death” in which he describes news for entertainment purposes and there is little information to allow us to act upon in order to improve the situation. In “Our World”, Parks describes a similar matter on page 81 when speaking of “The Hungry World” segment in which the show focused on  “scientific and technological advances” with attempts to improve food production while ignoring addressing the possibility of looking further into the reasons of world hunger.

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Fairies are real because I saw it

Disney is going to feature a new addition to Walt Disney World. The attraction will be called “Pixie Hollow” and is a promotion for Tinker Bell’s upcoming DVD “Tinker Bell Movie”. The characters came out at Disney’sToontown to introduce the fairy and her friends. Although the film will be released prior to the attraction opening, DVD releasing October 29 while the attraction opens sometime in November, the attraction will compliment the movie and fans across the park. The target of this attraction is young girls. We can see that young girls are targeted because all of the fairies are women who are “pretending” to be fairies. Here we see the attraction “bringing to life” these fairies and combining an imaginary world with a realistic one.


Disney is attempting, once again, to bring young girl’s fantasies to life. The appeal is to make young girls feel as if they  are a fairy too, and bring the imaginary world to children as close as possible. This blurs the line between reality, and fiction. This attraction makes it hard to separate the imaginary fairy world from the reality of human life. In the attraction, the “Fairy World” is life size (meaning the audience feels as if they have shrunk to “fairy size”) with Tinker Bell and her friends participating in different activities such as reading stories

Tink and her friends

Tink and her friends

and meeting the characters to entertain the children and make them feel as if they really are a part of a Fairy’s world. Whether one believes that it is ok to feed these ideas of imagination into young girl’s mind, or that it is wrong to sell this idea of fiction, the message being sent across is that reality can go as far as the mind can fathom. One can only assume that the topic of this film will include a male fairy, conflict, a heroic struggle, and then some sort of “happy ending” contributing to the ideologies in American culture. It’s not the idea of bringing fantasy to life for little girls that I am opposed to, but rather the idea that “happy endings” are being brought to reality for young girls every day.

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Introducing my blog

Some of my topics include media like television, and figures in television. There is also information on travel which can help introduce new cultures. There are news links to read about current issues in the US and the Bay Area.

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