Politics and Humor

December 2, 2008 asalazar8

My final paper is focusing on politics and humor. One of the shows I specifically research is “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”. I have found about 12 articles and books on the topic of political satire in the television media and the idea that most of our youth gains thier political knowledge on shows like “The Daily Show”, “Colbert Report” and “Saturday Night Live”. Reasearchers bring up positive aspects and negative aspects of this idea. A negativity is that these shows are fictional and many of the stories are exagerated to be enteraining. People can gain negative and mistrusting ideas about politicans, policies, and the overall democratic process. Youths are the majority of the population who are getting thier information from entertainment political shows (what Jody Baumgartner calls “soft news”), therefore being more impressionable. A positive of this new idea is that the population is taught to question every thing that is told to them by the media. Keeping an open mind about what politicans say and not taking them necessarily as truth value. I am also looking into a controlled research experiment conducted in one of the articles about the impact of “soft news” as opposed to “hard news” (nightime news like CBS). One of the main ideas is that the younger generations perfer to hear thier political news in a humourous and entertaining way, even if that means false information.


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