“Our World”

October 2, 2008 asalazar8

I found the LIsa Park’s article on “Our World” very interesting as I have never heard of this program before. I was surprised that I had never heard of this program because through the article I saw the significance and revelation of the media through this show. I was intrigued with the strategies the show uses to entice a wide variety of viewers and what controversies arouse from the “global village”(Parks) idea. One of the strategies that was most apparent to me was when Parks states the show was a combination of “film newsreel, the travelogue, and the television variety show” (80). And the idea that the show had five main segments reminded me of a popular idea today that a person’s attention can only be held if there is constant variation among the content and the ideas are constantly progressing as not to bore the viewer.

I realized a correlation between park’s text and a text that I read for Communication and Social Understanding written by Neil Postman’s titled “Amusing Ourselves to Death” in which he describes news for entertainment purposes and there is little information to allow us to act upon in order to improve the situation. In “Our World”, Parks describes a similar matter on page 81 when speaking of “The Hungry World” segment in which the show focused on  “scientific and technological advances” with attempts to improve food production while ignoring addressing the possibility of looking further into the reasons of world hunger.


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